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Covid Stimulus Package

The federal government’s CARES Act is a bulwark against the economic fallout from the COVID pandemic. It provides for support to individuals and small businesses including deferring the federal income tax deadline, mailing direct cash payment checks to the majority of Americans and expanding the unemployment safety nets amongst others. To benefit the most from the CARES ACT, it is important to know the entitlements, the means to access them and how to use the support judiciously to bide out these difficult times. NFCC and its member agencies are there to help through in-person telephonic counseling and with online resources to make the CARES Act work for you.

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We help anyone who finds it difficult to make ends meet! Financial struggles can happen to anyone. It may arrive from job loss, medical emergencies, or it could be anyone who is struggling to repay borrowed student loans timely, an individual finding it difficult to buy his first home, small business owner who is struggling with financial goals and constraints, Military or veterans who need help with their financial security. We are here to help with financial counseling you can depend on and trust.

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How to understand that you
are going through a Financial Difficulty?

Your expenses are too burdensome with your current household income.

You’re using credit cards too often instead of your debit card or cash.

You only can afford the minimum payment on your credit card each month.

You are finding it difficult to have enough savings when facing medical emergencies.

You overdraft your bank account often, thinking funds are there but they are not.

You have been tempted to withdraw money from retirement accounts to handle emergency financial situations.

If you’re facing any or all of the above mentioned situations then it’s the time to undergo a financial counseling.



If you are going through a financial crisis, then consider scheduling a financial counseling session with one of our certified financial counselors. Each session is a one-on-one overview of your current financial circumstances so the counselor can help you understand all your options. Counseling sessions often take place over the phone and last for about an hour.  Want to learn more?

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