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People Facing Financial Struggle

Being in financial jeopardy is quite normal, but when it’s hard to make ends meet, you should consult an experienced financial advocate. No matter how much you owe, we will sort out the most feasible plan that will help you regain control over your financial life. Unlike, for-profit firms, we don’t turn away anyone who is unable to pay consulting fees. Moreover, our fee is so nominal that you don’t have to further owe any amount.

Financial struggle has become a nationwide debacle! You’re not alone. Whether you owe a huge amount, due to ongoing medical expenses, credit card bills, unemployment or any other situation, we will work with you to provide reliable options. After analyzing your financial history and current scenario, our certified financial counselors will help you get relief. Our counselors work meticulously to make the most appropriate plan for an individual according to his/her financial scenario.

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First Time Homebuyers

Buying a home for the first time is quite a wonderful experience and could be a memory for a lifetime! But it will bring some new obligations. Our ‘First Time Home Buyer Counseling’ program provides a very realistic look towards knowing whether homeownership is right for you according to your current financial situation. Our housing counselors will address your questions and help you understand if you are financially ready to buy your first home. Our counselors also conduct a financial review to identify the best possible ways you can prepare your financial plans to buy your first home. Moreover the counseling process will also help you understand the implications of the financial strategies you are about to undertake for buying your first home.

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Student Loan Borrowers

Getting admission in your dream college is indeed an amazing experience , but paying off the student loan timely is indeed worrisome. We provide a comprehensive plan for those who are worried about their overdue student loans and we help them with the best repayment plan according to the current financial situation. Our Student counseling works as per the following steps:

  • Comprehensive review of the current financial situation (including current financial situation, living expenses, all other active loans and long term goals)
  • Customized plan for repayments without overlooking your short and long term plans
  • Complete assessment to see if other suitable avenues are available for you to help you out of the financial worries.
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Military and Veterans

Throughout your life, you have taken command for the sake of your nation’s security and welfare, now it’s time to take command of your financial plans. We have specially customized financial counseling programs for the member of Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), to help them with the best feasible plans to pay off outstanding dues, buying a home or planning for retirement. Remember, you’re not alone. A survey conducted by the nonprofit Military Family Advisory Network (MFAN) in 2018 found that about 86% of military and veteran families are suffering from anxiety due to financial stresses. Working with the NFCC ® Certified Financial Counselor, has already helped lots of veterans and militaries to get hold of their financial future. Don’t keep yourself deprived of financial counseling.

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Small Business Owners

Being your own boss is something truly satisfactory, but owning a small business is much more than just being your own boss! It’s about streamlining your financial goals. Working with a certified small business consultant, ensures that your business is on the right track and you are likely to achieve long term financial goals.

Why You Should Consult with our Consultants?

To get precise answers to the following questions

  • How much you need to keep in your emergency fund
  • How much you need to save every month
  • What level of investment risks you can afford to undertake according to the current market scenario and your financial condition
  • What sort of changes should be implemented to improve your tax payment
  • What should be rate of return, to achieve goals within the given time frame
  • What types of retirement accounts you may use

These are few questions that are usually covered in every counseling session. Apart from that, you may or rather you should ask the counselor to draw the plan which is in-sync with your financial goal or the best possible strategy to come out of financial fiasco within short time.

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